Back at work today and to be honest it was a relief. I can see where the stories of fairies coming and swapping children for changelings comes from now! Little one is going through the terrible twos. The fact he was such a good, sweet natured baby makes me look at him now and think “who are you?!!!! and what have done with my child!”. I sit in the computer chair unable to move, even for a pee because I know as soon as an opportunity opens he’ll be on my chair and doing things on the computer that even we don’t know how to do. he manages to set himself on youtube and watch angry bird videos. He’s obviously a genius like his mummy. We’re attempting potty training but since he discovered he can make fountains it’s not going so well. Maybe I can rig something up so it becomes a peeing version of angry birds? Instead of birds you pee on the pigs to knock them off….ignore that it could get messy, messier even.  He’s also an incredible escape artist. We have to barricade the escape routes wherever we go. When I visit my mum it involves locking the doors, turning the chairs over and turning off the cooker to make it baby safe. But the tantrums….he screams in anger, tenses his body up….he’s just so angry. We seemed to miss the terrible twos with the 9 year old. The fact that in small ways he’s made us pay for that ever since stopped us from too much smugness. Little one is going to put us through it but I do hope my lovely little boy comes back soon. I just don’t remember it all being so much hard work! Maybe I’m getting too old for this.

Tomorrow, the 9 year old has his referral appointment at the hospital checking to see if he has Crohn’s Disease. Fingers crossed it’s something else. It would terrify him having the same condition that nearly killed his dad. I hope his problems are something easy to fix because Crohn’s Disease is a life sentence of uncertainty, pain and discomfort that I’ve watched his dad go through and I don’t want to watch my son go through the same process.


One thought on “Changelings

  1. poetryescape says:

    One potty training tip which works is to put a coloured Smartie in the bottom of the toilet or potty to aim at. Good luck, boys are delightful!

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