I love free stuff!


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Carrying on (a little) from my last post about spell work made me think about how similar it is to cosmic ordering. I sometimes feel cosmic ordering is a way of people doing magic without commitment or without the, I suppose, stigma of being a fluffy bunny of a witch. Anyway, I used to work for this fab lady in Nottingham who used to tell me to give up what I want to the universe and it would be dealt with that just have to trust you deserve it (this was before Noel Edmond went all cosmic and new agey). It’s all going off on a tangent……

So I took the 9 year old to school. He was having a nervous breakdown as his best friend (who he’s only known for two weeks) has dumped him, so while I pretend to listen to his woes I see a little boy of about two on his smart trike. I thought how much my youngest would have liked one but how it would have to be Christmas as we can’t afford it at the moment (because I’m having my tattoo finished next week like the responsible mother I am). On the way home I spot a little trike outside someones house. It’s with a load of other stuff that look like it’s ready for the rubbish heap. The trike is in perfect condition but there’s no one around. I walk past because of course they wouldn’t be throwing it out. Then I thought what would hubby do? He’d knock on the door and ask, so I did. Yes, they were throwing the trike out, the last tenants had left it and I was doing them a favor by taking it. Yay! I don’t know whether the universe heard my wish or whether it was just a lucky coincidence but it made me realize how much free stuff I’ve gathered over the last two weeks. I’m not a crazy cat woman hoarder (I only have three cats) but I’m a massive advocate of freecycle and freegle groups. There is so much waste that I think it encourages such a sense of community to share what we have, what we don’t want but someone else needs. For example it was through free-cycle I met one of my neighbours who was having a baby and although someone had already claimed what she wanted I went round with lots of other baby things I had no more use for. It made her day and it made me feel good.

When I had my first baby I bought everything new but the second time around and a lot more sensible I tried to get as much as I could free or cheap. It’s amazing and a bit of a geeky thrill to see how much you can and how much people throw away. I got a blue velvet immaculate silver cross pram for ¬£20.

I thank the universe for my sons trike (which he’s thrilled with) and I recommend supporting your community with sharing and receiving free stuff. Because free stuff is ace and seeing a little boys face when he gets a random present is priceless.


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